I was going to start walking around the house in order to find icons for this assignment and they just came to my attention quicker than I had thought, before leaving my chair. Ar first, I noticed the contactless icon next to the microchip on my Chase Bank Debit Card, which resembles the wifi icon, just sideways. This emulates also a wave, or a signal, that conveys the meaning of no physical contact required to make it work.

I also turned right and saw on the vintage thermostat on the wall, an icon of a thermometer, which is a universal tool to measure temperature. Even most modern thermometers don't look like the old school ones younger generations most likely haven't seen, it still a universal icon that implies heat measurement.

Next, As I was looking for ideas and writing a text message, the voice command symbol, which emulates a microphone, appeared, and noticed how universal also that has become. A microphone that appears vintage, that you probably can't find unless you go to an antique shop, has become a modern icon of voice commands on electronic devices.

Finally, I saw an animal cruelty-free icon, which was a rabbit in a circle. I was curious to find out if in this case, the icon I was seeing was universal. I googled, and even though a rabbit seems to be the animal of choice, it varies per brand, however, the idea behind it remains very universal and no matter the form its presented, I think most people at least in western countries are able to understand its meaning.