I was going to start walking around the house in order to find icons for this assignment and they just came to my attention quicker than I had thought, before leaving my chair. Ar first, I noticed the contactless icon next to the microchip on my Chase Bank Debit Card…

It has been about10 years since Netflix changed the way people watch tv shows and movies forever. Through an exceptional system of user flows, it accommodates people who just want to binge-watch a few tv shows to more users who go on the website looking to find rare and specific…

The elephant in the (design) room

Disaster on 34th st.

The elephant in the (design) room

In an industry that’s all about being two steps ahead of everyone, Macy’s has been for a while, falling behind everybody, way before the pandemic. During my meetings with clothing designers, as a textile vendor, I would get…

Get around your city with “Citymapper”

Citymapper app

At first, getting around a city can be very difficult. When I moved to NYC, 6 years ago, I was lost. everything looked the same to me, and couldn’t even figure out the Subway. Google maps was there but it was mainly meant for…

Serge d Stanton

LA is home

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